New Comeva RP-CNC-2C door scoring machine
June 24, 2021

Comeva Woodworking Machinery presents the new RP-CNC-2C door grooving machine. This double-sided grooving machine offers maximum versatility and efficiency.

It is a numerical control working centre for door grooving that allows any type of grooves and milling on both sides simultaneously, thus reducing machining times.

The upper and lower working heads are made up of a 3.5 kW vertical milling motor for machining on the lower face of the door and a 0.37 kW floating head to carry out the grooving by copying the surface of the door and maintaining a constant depth.

The doors are moved by means of two independent clamps that are placed in different positions depending on the size of the door to be machined.



Likewise, the infeed and outfeed tables of the Comeva RP-CNC-2C door grooving machine are floating.  This design allows the creation of an air gap between the table and the door, allowing easy movement over the surface without damaging them.

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