Discover Comeva’s new 650V CNC Drill 650V
June 22, 2021

Comeva Woodworking Machinery launches its new CNC Drill 650V. It is the most competitive solution on the market: high quality professional finishing at the best price.

This drill is intended to mechanining the processes of drilling and grooving of panels in a competitive way. The Drill 650V CNC Drill incorporates a brushless servomotor and last generation components to offer high performance, precision and durability of the machine.

Its workgroup features a rotating head include a milling tool, saw and 3 drills. In addition, the clamps of the Comeva Drill 650V CNC Drill offer maximum firmness during machining for a high precision result.

It is also equipped with a user-friendly computer with an intuitive interface to make it easy for operators to program and operate.

All Comeva woodworking machines are designed and manufactured in Spain. Contact us for advice on the solutions available to optimise and improve your production line.