Comeva edge bander Solution 4T: Special offer due to stock clearance
March 11, 2022

Comeva Woodworking Machinery launches a special end-of-stock offer on the Solution 4T edge bander. This is a promotion of limited units and with immediate delivery.

The Solution 4T edge bander is a robust, simple and affordable machine that performs a solid and accurate work for a professional finish. The machine is assembled on a compact, high rigidity, CNC-ground metal frame. This system eliminates vibrations of the work units completely during the processing of the workpieces.

Comeva’s Solution 4T edge bander also features a robust workpiece clamping and feeding system so that the workpieces move without sudden movements and without vibrations that could affect their final finish.



This machine also includes a pre-milling unit at the infeed of the workpieces composed of 2 motors of 1.8kW and diamond cutters to obtain the perfect edge grinding before the edgebanding process.

The Solution 4T edge bander is made up of 6 units for a complete job: Pre-milling unit, Gluing unit, Edge trimming unit, Edge Trimming-Rounding unit, Scrapping unit and Buffing unit.

For easy and agile handling of the machine by the user, the edge bander is equipped with a 10-inch touch screen from which the work orders are controlled and executed.

All Comeva machines are designed and made in Spain by our technical specialists. Contact us for personalized advice on the best options for your production line.