Comeva C-500 Top Plus door milling machine: launch promotion
November 13, 2020

The C-500 Top Plus door milling machine is mainly intended for processing hinges and locks. It is a robust and compact machine with which to carry out precision work with high performance and productivity.
This woodworking machine has been designed to manufacture doors quickly and easily, which is easy to use and program for the operators. The C-500 Milling Machine is a solution for a complete mechanization of the doors obtaining a very high level of quality and a great productivity.
The new Comeva milling machine is equipped with two horizontal motors for locker and two horizontal motors for machining the hinges simultaneously. It also incorporates two vertical motors to carry out work on the door plane.
With the Comeva C-500 Top Plus door milling machine you will obtain high quality finishes, with the confidence of working with high level technology designed and manufactured in Spain. It is the ideal equipment for factories that require reliable solutions at an affordable price.
Contact us to find out about the launch of this equipment, our specialist technicians will advise you on how to get the most out of your new Comeva C-500 Top Plus door milling machine