Comeva woodworking machinery exhibited at Ligna 2023
June 19, 2023

We present the machines that Comeva exhibited at Ligna 2023. We introduced the Uni 3000, a versatile machine for carpenters that allows for fast and efficient machining of hinges and lock cases on doors. It simplifies and streamlines the process of machining jambs, all at an incredible price!

One of the highlights was the Fanuc Robot, an automation and robotic solution for integration with your loading and unloading tasks, revolutionizing the way production tasks are performed.

Additionally, we showcased the RMP-2C door grooving machine, a spectacular machine known for its high speed of work, capable of performing complete door machining while simultaneously engraving both sides of the door.

We also presented the Nicron Door 5X, another specialized machine for door processing. It stands out with its loading and unloading system and the ability to perform multiple operations.


In our exhibition, the Drill 650V was also presented, a drill that incorporates automation in the milling, drilling and slotting processes of an industrial drill for wood, improves precision and efficiency in production, reducing production times and minimizing costs and human errors.

During the Ligna 2023 fair, we also displayed a wide variety of state-of-the-art machines that captured visitors’ attention. Among them were the C-500 Top and C-600 Top door Milling Machines, the Nicron Door Pro and Nicron Zenit 13/26, the Compact E 4 TR and EXPLORER 6 Edge banders, and the SC-400/3200 CNC Panel Saw.

In conclusion, we hope this has given you an overview of the innovation and quality we offered at Ligna 2023. We are committed to providing cutting-edge technical solutions to optimize your operations!