Self-adjusting line for door milling of COMEVA woodworking machinery
April 16, 2019

COMEVA has designed and manufactured the most advanced system on the market for door milling. This machine allows automatic configuration of the complete line depending on the work to be done and the measurement of each of the doors, without the need for operator intervention.

This autoadaptable line works in an automated and precise way thanks to an innovative management software that incorporates and allows to manufacture the doors completing all the processes with great quality and with an optimal finish.

This new equipment interprets the work and the measurements of the door to configure the tasks so that all the processes are configured automatically. This technological advance allows manufacturers to produce different types of doors without having to configure the machine each time according to the model, which translates into a significant increase in productivity and a great time saving.

This self-adapting line of milling for doors of COMEVA is intended for all those professionals in the wood and carpentry sector who are dedicated to the manufacture and machining of doors with the aim of saving on production costs and improve profitability thanks to automation.

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