New Junior 4 Edge Bander, quality finishes at the best price
November 2, 2018

COMEVA Woodworking Machinery presents the Junior 4 Edge Bander. It is a new model of edge bander inside the JUNIOR range. This woodworking machine is a robust, straight-lined, economical and designed to give a solution to those companies that require a machine that performs high quality work at an affordable price.

The COMEVA Junior 4 Edge Bander is designed to cover all the work needs of those professionals who need an economic woodworking machine capable of offering optimal quality results at the best price. The COMEVA R+D+i department has designed and manufactured this range of Junior edge banders to facilitate the work of both medium-sized companies and small joinery workshops.

Among other working groups, this Junior 4 Edge Bander is equipped with a trimming unit to achieve a perfect finish and allow the use of edge thickness from 0’4mm to 3mm.

Likewise, to respond to the different production rates, this woodworking machine has three working speeds. The handling of this edge bander is done quickly and easily through a touch screen from which all the functions of this machine are controlled.

The COMEVA Junior 4 Edge Bander respects all the necessary safety standards to protect the operators during the development of the work. If you are interested in knowing more details about this machine contact us here. You can also consult our complete catalog of wood machinery here.