New Comeva CNC Nicron Door Pro for door machining
June 11, 2020

The Comeva CNC Nicron Door Pro, manufactured in Spain, is a machine specially designed to perform door and frames machining in an easy way. This high quality machine can be purchased at the most competitive price on the market, also with a special launch promotion.
It is a team for all those specialists in the wood sector who carry out work with doors, windows, moldings and coatings, from small to large carpentry.

CNC for the complete machining of doors

The Comeva CNC Nicron Door Pro is the ideal machine to carry out the complete machining of doors, moldings, frames, galces and windows. The main features are highlighted below:
– Comeva Doors. This is the program specially designed for the mechanized of doors of simple, intuitive and fast way so that the operarios configure easily the instructions of work. This program increases both the effectiveness and the efficiency of working with wood.
– Bars. The NICRON DOOR PRO CNC is equipped with adjustable width aluminum bars and load support with wheels to work with the desired door size.
– Frames device. This CNC incorporates a device specially designed to hold the frames to be machined and maintain precision regardless of the thickness or imperfections of the rooster.
– Suction cups. Manufactured with a high resistance phenolic material, these suction cups allow the perfect fastening of the door in the machining process.
– 4 working groups. The NICRON DOOR PRO CNC is complete and versatile incorporating a vertical milling unit with automatic tool change motor (9kw), double output horizontal milling motor (0-90º), 3.5Kw horizontal milling motor for locker hole and floating head.

This machining center for working doors integrates our long experience in the manufacture of machines for wood and with the latest technology. Therefore, the NICRON DOOR PRO CNC is the best solution for the machining of doors with the best value for money on the market.
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