New CNC FRAME BR-605E COMEVA for wood and aluminium
March 31, 2021

Comeva Woodworking Machinery presents the new CNC FRAME BR-605E. This CNC is intended for cutting and machining of door frames in wood and aluminium.

Comeva’s FRAME BR-605E CNC is equipped with a 5-axis spindle with a tool change motor for high quality and precision work. The tool groups incorporated in the FRAME BR-605E CNC are: saw blades and milling tools for the different machining and cutting works.

Its automatic part feeding system allows work to be carried out in automatic mode without operator intervention, thus improving efficiency and safety. Reduced part loading and unloading times in turn result in a significant increase in productivity.

Functionality and maximum control

Comeva’s CNC FRAME BR-605E is easy to use thanks to the advanced OSAI CNC system for the control of its 7 interpolated axes. Through an intuitive graphical interface with a 19″ screen, operators can program work orders easily and quickly. It also incorporates a barcode and QR code reader for total control of parts and production.