New CNC Drill 1200 H2C by COMEVA
November 4, 2020

The new CNC Drill 1200 H2C of COMEVA allows to work two pieces at the same time to double the productivity and performance of the production line.
With its double working head upper and lower, this CNC carries out simultaneous machining and milling of two pieces quickly and efficiently. The Precision work results in pieces with the maximum quality finish.
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The COMEVA CNC Drill 1200 H2C incorporates a side squaring device that effectively holds the board, fixing it during the machining process to avoid unwanted movements. For greater clamping of the boards, this CNC also includes two independent clamps that are positioned according to the size of the piece to be machined. It can also include an exit table as an optional equipment.
It is a robust and resistant machine, easy to use and program so that the operators of the production line can work comfortably. This CNC, designed by COMEVA’s specialist technicians, is manufactured in Spain and has the COMEVA reliability guarantee.
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