Moulder MB 23-6 R PLUS by Comeva Maquinaria para Madera
October 14, 2022

Comeva Woodworking Machinery presents the Moulder MB 23-6 R PLUS, designed and manufactured in Spain. This machine of great robustness and reliability performs high precision works.

The positioning of the working axes is easily done through the touch screen control panel. The agile operation of the machine facilitates work configuration and measurement changes, thus increasing work efficiency and productivity.



Comeva’s MB 23-6 R PLUS moulder is equipped with a pressure and clamping system to ensure precision work and an optimum finish. On the left-hand spindle moulder unit, the workpiece infeed and outfeed pressure lips are located. These pressure groups provide greater support and clamping of the workpiece during face planing.

The workpiece feed system of this moulder is composed of an upper crossbeam on which various feed units are located along the length of the workpiece. These rollers are toothed and hardened with a diameter of 140mm and rubberised behind the thicknessing group. In addition, Comeva’s MB 23-6 R PLUS Moulder incorporates a greater number of rollers in the part feed system than similar machines of other brands to offer greater fluidity in the feed of the parts.

It also has fixed lateral guideways on the right-hand side of the worktable and adjustable guideway sections on the left-hand side of the table. This provides a stable and safe support for the workpieces being processed.

Comeva’s MB 23-6 R PLUS is a durable woodworking machine for small and medium-sized production companies that require high quality and durable equipment at an affordable price.

Contact us and our technical team specialised in woodworking machinery will advise you on how to improve the performance of your production line.