Increase the productivity in a 50% with the RP-25-2C Comeva Door Scratcher
July 10, 2020

The Comeva RP-25-2C Door grooving is the new solution to improve the profitability of door manufacturers. This machine increases the productivity in a 50% since it works both sides of the door at the same time.
Likewise, the RP-25-2C Door grooving performs the work faster than the conventional machines so the productivity also increases in relation to efficiency given the speed with which the operators can finish this process.

Simultaneous double-sided work
The upper and lower working head of the RP-25-2C Door Scraper is equipped with 4 floating groups with high frequency motors and saws each, independently adjustable in width.
On the other hand, the floating head group incorporates a saw for a perfect finish of the groove and two wheels that allow the group to copy the surface of the door correcting possible imperfections.
This machine also features a motorized rubber roller feed system with variable speed up to 25m/s, which considerably reduces production times.
The RP-25-2C Door grooving is a machine designed and manufactured in Spain by COMEVA’s technical specialists. If you want to receive detailed information, please contact us here