Edge bander Compacta 3: woodworking machinery ideal for small and medium workshops
December 13, 2018

Comeva, manufacturer of woodworking machinery, proposes the edge bander Compacta 3 as a solution for edge banding problems in small and medium-sized workshops or for all those who edge banding in an artisanal or manual way. This machine is the ideal and definitive solution for those who need an economical, robust, simple and efficient machine. In addition, its size is especially designed for small spaces.

It treats of a very simple woodworking machine to use and of big quality that allows to realize works of edge banding with some finishes optimum. This model of machine allows us to achieve excellent results in finishes in the manufacture of kitchen and bathroom furniture, as well as office and home furniture.

This model of laminator is equipped with the three main groups of work in this type of machines: gluing group, end cutting group, top and bottom tilit trimming group and buffing group. Likewise, by incorporating a feeding chain and a saw blade end cutting group, we greatly improve the production and finishing of the pieces.

The edge bander Compacta 3 stands out for its fast system of change of thickness of the edge since it is only necessary to loosen some handles and to place a piece of the new edge so that it is adjusted again. Thanks to this, no time is lost when changing the thickness of work in the machine.

This edge bander is a machine of great quality and durability at an affordable price for professionals who require an automatic edge banding machine with feeding chain with which to face the current competitiveness.

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