Edge bander Compact 4 of COMEVA Woodworking Machinery
July 12, 2019

Comeva, Spanish manufacturer of woodworking machinery, offers as complete solution for the banding work the edge bander Compacta 4. It is a edge bander for all workshops and furniture companies (kitchen, bathroom, home, office) that need to perform work of banding of maximum quality and efficiently.

The edge bander Compacta 4 has a complete equipment of five working groups: gluing, end cutting, upper / lower trimming, scraping and polishing unit. The radius scraping group is designed to eliminate any undulations that may appear on the edges of the pieces. Thanks to this double group, the songs were totally homogeneous.

It is a simple and easy to use edge bander with the quick system to change the thickness of the edge: it only requires loosening the handles and adjusting them to the size of the new edge. This function of the edge bander Compacta 4 saves time on the production line and avoids errors.

The edge bander Compacta 4 is a machine of great robustness and durability in which it relies on professionals who need an automatic edge bander with feeding chain in order to improve productivity.

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