Drills for wood Comeva: T-21 V2/ T-27/ T-35 multi drill range
March 22, 2024

Drills for wood Comeva perform precise drilling at any angle and in any position. These drills offer high quality finishes on every bore, with easy and efficient use by operators.

The Comeva multi-range of woodworking drills incorporates an automatic head positioning system for vertical, horizontal and up to 45° to adapt to any drilling requirement.


Drills for wood Comeva: main features

Designed and manufactured in Spain by Comeva’s specialist woodworking machinery technicians, these drills stand out for their compact size, robustness and durability. Their main features are listed below:

  • Drill chuck system. The head is automatically adjusted by means of a pneumatic system. It is moved manually using a worm shaft and a measuring siko. The drills are driven by a three-phase motor that transmits its movement to the rest through a system of gears, alternating the direction of rotation for each drill.
  • Guides and presses. The machine has two aluminium guides with manually adjustable stops, as well as two pneumatic presses to hold the workpiece, which can be moved manually.
  • Bedplate. The solid bed is designed to reduce vibrations that can interfere with work, while the ground steel table avoids any possible damage caused by parts, which could affect future work.
  • Additional features. Main motor power (2.5 hp), distance between centres (32mm), number of bores per spindle (21), rotational speed (2840 rpm), maximum bore depth (60mm), table dimensions (872 x 490mm), maximum bore diameter (60mm), dimensions (1100mm x 650mm x 120mm).


Contact us for technical details of Comeva T-21 V2/ T-27/ T-35 multi drills range and for advice on how to increase the performance and profitability of your production line.