Door grooving machine RP-CNC 2C CNC Comeva Woodworking Machinery
November 17, 2023
Rayadora de puertas CNC RP-CNC 2C Comeva Maquinaria para Madera

The door grooving machine RP-CNC 2C CNC from Comeva Woodworking Machinery stands out for the quality, precision and speed of grooving and milling doors.

This door grooving machine drastically reduces machining time as it performs simultaneous grooving and milling on both sides of the door. The RP-CNC 2C CNC door grooving machine is intended for medium and large production door manufacturers who need to optimise processes by implementing a high performance machine at an affordable price.



Door grooving machine RP-CNC 2C CNC: technical features

The main technical features of the RP-CNC 2C CNC door grooving machine from Comeva Woodworking Machinery are listed below:

  • Upper and lower working head. The machine incorporates an upper and a lower head, composed of a 3.5kw vertical milling cutter and a 0.37kx floating head, to carry out the grooving and milling work simultaneously on both sides of the piece.
  • Grippers. The doors are moved by means of two independent grippers that are positioned according to the dimensions of the door to be machined.
  • Entry and exit table. The tables of the machine are floating, these create a sheet of air between the table and the door allowing them to be moved easily over the surface without damaging them.
  • CNC with computer. The machine is equipped with an advanced numerical control that manages all movements precisely. In addition, it includes an industrial computer with a complete CAD program to speed up the machining designs.


All Comeva door machines are designed and manufactured in Spain. Contact us, our technical specialists will advise you on how to increase the performance of your production line.