Door grooving machine RP-25-2C of Comeva Woodworking Machinery
July 9, 2021

Comeva’s RP-25-2C door grooving machine, manufactured in Spain, is designed for large manufacturers who need to increase productivity and speed of work.

This woodworking machinery integrates upper and lower working head, equipped with 4 floating groups with high frequency motors and saw, independently adjustable in width.

Door grooving machine details

In addition, the floating head group includes a saw for a perfect finish of the grooves and two wheels that allow the group to copy the surface of the door to correct possible imperfections. It also features a motorised rubber roller feed system with a variable speed of up to 25m/min.


Detalle de rayadora de puertas Comeva

This is a high quality, robust machine that offers the best quality-price ratio on the market. If you would like to know more details about Comeva’s RP-25-2C door grooving machine, please contact us to receive advice from our technical specialists in door machinery.