Comeva Woodworking Machinery presents the RMP-2C Door grooving machine
April 21, 2023

The RMP-2C door grooving machine from Comeva Woodworking Machinery is the result of a thorough engineering and design study.

This high production and high performance machine combines quality, robustness, innovation and efficiency. It is an ideal machine for medium and large companies that require a high performance door grooving machine at a competitive price.

Its easy operation and programming is possible thanks to the incorporation of a PC with the “Control PC” and “Soft CN” systems. The simplicity of the user interface allows operators to work with it in an agile way and take advantage of all its functionalities.



The working units of Comeva’s RMP-2C door scoring/machining machine, located on the upper and lower beam, move quickly and stably thanks to the careful design of Comeva’s door machinery specialists. This scoring machine incorporates an infinite axis to ensure smooth movement of the heads and thus avoid sudden jolts.

The RMP-2C door grooving/machining machine includes a workpiece displacement system that contains two pneumatic grippers that hold the door once it has been placed on the table and move it horizontally across the work surface. These grippers are controlled by the CNC and are driven by a servo motor, ensuring precise movement for high quality finishes.

In addition, the machine also has a 4-position linear tool magazine that allows the storage of different tools that can be used during the machining cycle.

Contact us to find out all the technical details of the RMP-2C door grooving/machining machine and to receive personalised advice on how to increase the performance of your production line.