Comeva Woodworking Machinery presents the Modul Assembly Press 1300×2500
March 23, 2023

The Modul assembly Press 1300×2500 from Comeva Woodworking Machinery makes furniture assembly quick and easy with high levels of quality and safety.

The press bars of the Modul 1300×2500 Module press move along solid trapezoidal bolts driven by motors that allow a high pressing force to be developed.

The two working cycles available for this press are specified below:

  • Automatic cycle. The pressing bars detect the size of the module and press it for the programmed time. The end-of-stroke function indicates to the bars that they have reached the module and prevents the machine from damaging the parts due to excess pressure.
  • Manual cycle. It has directional buttons with which the vertical and horizontal pressing bars can be brought closer together. The millimetre guide serves as a reference to bring the bars closer to the module.



In Comeva’s Modul 1300×2500 assembly press, the vertical and horizontal pressure can be adjusted independently. It also has 3 positions for the distribution of the force applied vertically and horizontally.

The timer stipulates the desired pressing time during the automatic cycle.

This press, like the entire range of Comeva machinery, is designed, developed and assembled in Spain. If you would like to know all the details of the Modul 1300×2500 Modules, please contact us to receive advice from Comeva Woodworking Machinery’s technical specialists.