Comeva Woodworking Machinery presents the new CNC Master Door Double Zenit
December 4, 2019

Comeva, Spanish manufacturer of woodworking machinery, makes the new CNC Master Door Double Zenit available to door manufacturers with which to perform door and frame machining.

The CNC Master Door Double Zenit is a robust machine, of great quality and durability that allows to perform all the required work on doors and frames. It has two different areas in which both elements work simultaneously.

Its working head is composed of an automatic tool change motor for vertical work, a floating motor for grooving the door, a horizontal double exit motor with 0º – 90º rotation for horizontal work and a rotary saw motor for cutting frames.

The machine is specially designed for the complete manufacture of the doors since it has motors dedicated to specific jobs without the use of aggregates. In addition, doors and galces are worked in an alternative way, which increases productivity.

It is a solution that facilitates daily work since in addition to its technical advances, the CNC Master Door Double Zenit is a numerically control machine with specific software for doors designed and created by Comeva, so it is very simple and intuitive to use for users. In this way, both the time of the operators and the materials are optimized, minimizing the spare parts left over, which translates into a reduction in production costs for companies.

Likewise, the CNC Master Door Double Zenit can also be used as a bars machine for board machining.

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