COMEVA woodworking machinery has stood out at BIFE – SIM Bucharest for responding to the high demand for quality machines at a good price
September 23, 2019

The Woodworking machines, carpentry and machinery for doors of COMEVA have been present in BIFE – SIM Bucharest, one of the reference fairs in Europe among furniture and carpentry professionals.

The official distributor of COMEVA in Romania, Nika Utilaje, exhibited two of the machines with more demand in the market today: the CNC Nicron TOP and the edge bander Compacta 4. Many furniture manufacturers and professionals in the world of carpentry have interested in these machines given their high quality, durability and the benefits they offer in relation to a very affordable price.

The CNC Nicron TOP is a machining center that offers great versatility in the work of the production lines, allowing the development of various machining tasks such as the cutting of parts, milling and engraving work, as well as drilling and grooving work.

For its part, the edge bander Compacta 4 is a machine that offers complete equipment of five working groups (glue, end cutting, top / bottom trimming, scraping and buffing group) And that stands out for its great functionality, robustness, efficiency, ease of use and economy.

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