Comeva Woodworking Machinery presents the new GP-1F frames milling machine
December 8, 2022

The new GP-1F frames milling machine from Comeva Woodworking Machinery performs the machining of hinges on frames quickly and efficiently. It is a compact machine, designed for workshops and medium-sized companies that require a high quality solution at an affordable price.

The effectiveness and precision of the GP-1F rebate milling machine translates into increased throughput and efficiency of the production line. The technical specifications of the equipment are listed below:

  • Milling head. The machine is equipped with a 3.5 kW vertical milling motor responsible for machining the hinges. This head is driven by servomotors, which guarantee maximum speed and precision in machining.
  • Mobile clamps. The milling machine is equipped with a servomotor-driven mobile clamp to feed and move the part to be machined. It also has a double clamp where the workpiece is fixed in the machining position and a pneumatic clamp for its extraction.

The GP-1F rebate milling machine has been developed by Comeva’s specialist woodworking machinery technicians. All Comeva machines are designed and assembled in Spain, offering the maximum guarantees of quality and safety for the operators.

If you are interested in knowing more details about this milling machine, please contact us and we will inform you.