Comeva Woodworking Machinery G-300 EVO frames milling machine
October 15, 2023

The G-300 EVO frames milling machine from Comeva Woodworking Machinery is intended for production lines requiring high quality and precision with absolute performance.

This milling machine, equipped with 2 independent working heads, offers high working speed, allowing the simultaneous machining and cutting of frames. This efficiency translates into a significant increase in productivity.



Technical features of the CG-300 EVO frames milling machine

The technical features of the Comeva Woodworking Machinery G-300 EVO frames milling machine are listed below:

  • Working head. It incorporates two independent work heads, one of them consisting of two vertical milling motors, and the other with a rotating saw motor and two horizontal saw motors.
  • Automatic positioning of the frames device. Automatic positioning frames clamping system that adjusts according to the size of the workpieces and the machining operations to be carried out.
  • Waste discharge conveyor. This unloading belt facilitates the removal of waste material generated during the cutting of the rebates.
  • Loading and unloading system. Composed of two vacuum bars located on the bridge of the machine, which pick up and drag the parts to the machining position.
  • Rotating axis. Allows the motor to be positioned at any inclination in order to be able to cut the frames.
  • Numerical control. OSAI numerical control with the latest technology to guarantee the highest machining precision and high speed in the movements of the machine.


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