COMEVA Master I CNC for large parts
November 20, 2020

COMEVA’s new machining centre is designed to work large format parts, such as the production of boat covers. With its 12 metres long x 2 metres with 4 axes, it allows large pieces to be worked on comfortably and efficiently.
This equipment perforates, trims, mills and nesting panels of special dimensions. It also incorporates a vertical milling motor with automatic tool change for work on a vertical Z plane.

The COMEVA Master I CNC has components of the highest technological level: powerful numerical control and servomotors to offer the highest precision. It is a CNC designed for those manufacturers who need to work large format parts with the same agility and quality of finish as with small format parts.
Both the functionalities of the equipment and the design of the machine are designed to facilitate the handling and work of the large pieces by the operators. The Master I CNC allows for maximum performance thanks to the easy and intuitive use of its programming.
Contact us and our specialist technicians will advise you on the renovation of your production line with the COMEVA CNC Master I