October 30, 2018

COMEVA Woodworking Machinery develops a wide range of machines for the furniture and joinery sectors. In our catalogue of woodworking machinery COMEVA, you can find machines focused in working on panels by plating, sawing or mechanizing.

Within all this line of machines for wood, they emphasize the machines that work to CNC since they are a type of machines with a great future. The machining center Nicron Zenit, is one of the most requested equipment within the line of CNC machines. This type of CNC has been developed by the COMEVA R + D + I team, which has joined two different types of CNC in a single machine.

The Nicron Zenit is a very complete machine because with it we can perform many tasks such as saw, engraving on the surface, cutting letters, drilling and carving, among others. This CNC also includes a horizontal working group for to be able to work doors, thus achieving work on doors such as the machining of hinges, lock hole and knob hole, as well as the machining of frames.

With this CNC machining center we get a very versatile woodworking machine, which is why it is chosen by the great professionals of the furniture sector, as well as door manufacturers, since with a single machine they achieve all the works, both on the panel and on doors with the consequent economic savings.

The Nicron Zenit model is prepared to offer solutions to the works on panel, wood and derivatives, methacrylate … This CNC also has a tool change headand a drill head to execute nesting work, which also allows to machine furniture and perform tasks of milling. To this is added a double output motor for door mechanization.

In this way, the Nicron Zenit 13/26 is a woodworking machine suitable for a perfect finish. Also, its software to automate the work gives it great efficiency to optimize the cut and save raw material. The high technical performance of this wood machine is completed with a great installation of safety for operators. All COMEVA equipment complies with safety standards so operators perform their work on production lines with less risk.

The specialist technicians and the R+D+i department of COMEVA develop the technology to give complete solutions to the production lines of companies in the furniture and wood sector. You can get our complete catalog of woodworking machinery here. If you want to receive personalized advice, contact us here.