CNC woodworking Mex range Comeva Woodworking Machinery
June 17, 2024

CNC woodworking machine Mex Comeva Woodworking Machinery offers maximum versatility thanks to its automatic tool change. It is a simple, robust and fast machine that performs numerous machining, drilling, trimming and milling jobs, among others.


CNC woodworking machine Mex range: models

This CNC woodworking machine is available in several models to meet the operational needs of different production lines:

  • 1 V ATC. It is a CNC that contains a PC with remote assistance and a milling motor with automatic tool change.
  • 1 V ATC S. It is a CNC with the same features as the ATC model, plus reference stops on the table and vacuum activation solenoid valves.
  • 1 V ATC Top. This is a CNC with the same features as the ATC and ATC S models and incorporates a second downfeed with a 5-bit vertical L-shaped drilling head.


CNC woodworking machines Mex range: technical features

The Mex range CNC woodworking machines incorporate top quality components to obtain high performance in work performance.

  • Working unit. These CNCs are equipped with a vertical milling motor with an automatic tool change system, which improves time optimization for machining and milling operations. The ATC TOP model additionally includes a drilling head with five vertical drills positioned in L configuration.
  • Control panel and software. The control panel integrates a CNC and a PC, with an intuitive interface developed by Comeva allowing remote remote assistance. UcanCam is software designed to convert jobs into machine language.
  • Tool magazine. The machines are equipped with an 8-position linear tool magazine.
  • Reference stops. The ATC and ATC Top models incorporate 7 reference stops on the vacuum table to promote perfect squaring of the parts.
  • Slotted table. Work table composed of a series of aluminum profiles with transversal grooves to fix the workpieces deposited on the table with manual clamps. On ATC S and ATC Top models, the vacuum zones are activated by solenoid valves operated from the machine control panel.
  • Additional features: milling motor power (9KW), worktable dimensions (1300×2500 and 2100×3200), automatic lubrication, rack and pinion drive, vacuum table.


Contact us to know all the details of Comeva’s MEX CNC range. Our woodworking machinery specialists will advise you on how to increase the performance of your production line.