CNC woodworking Master Mixta from Comeva Machinery
November 28, 2023
CNC para madera Master Mixta Comeva

Comeva’s Master Mixta CNC woodworking machine is the master of high precision machining. This powerful CNC is robust, easy to operate and fast in all types of work, offering maximum versatility.



CNC woodworking Master Mixta: main features

Listed below are the main technical features of Comeva Woodworking Machinery‘s Master Mixta CNC:

  • Nesting work tables and bars. Machine with double working area: in the first area it has a Rexilon CNC table with vacuum and retractable stops, in the second area with 4 movable bars and Schmalz suction cup.
  • Working heads. The machine has a powerful 9 kW milling head cooled by an electric fan, with a speed of 24000 rpm and linear guideways. In addition, it has a versatile 0º-90º double exit head with a 3.5Kw milling motor for horizontal machining on all 4 sides of doors including specialised milling cutters for hinges and locks. It also has a FAM drilling head with independent drill spindles for vertical and horizontal operations for single and multiple drilling actions.
  • Travelling system. X and Y axis movements are performed by high precision HIWIN guides and planetary gear with rack and pinion for smooth movement. The Z axis has recirculating ball screws for maximum precision and a pneumatic weight compensation system. All movements on linear guides are made with double rubber seals for increased durability and minimum maintenance.
  • Comeva Doors Software. Comeva’s revolutionary software is designed to machine doors quickly, easily and intuitively. This software is easy to use for all operators, regardless of their level of experience. It incorporates pre-designed macros to speed up programming and make every job hassle-free. It allows the machining of hinges, pockets and configurations on the upper face of the door.
  • CNC control panel. Ergonomic and mobile panel with wheels for easy movement. Includes computer, keyboard and mouse for total control of the machine.
  • Modular BI-BOARD numerical control with Inten Atom 1.6 GHz CPU. Efficient dual axis management, Velocity Feed Forward function for precise finishing. Intuitive interface, integrated PLC for multitasking and efficient automation.
  • Additional features: rotary tool magazine 12 positions, motor power (router 9Kw, horizontal 3.5 Kw, floating 0.37Kw), electrical equipment (Schenider meters), drilling unit (multiple, Type D), maximum axis speed of 80mts/sec, vacuum pump (2 Becker pumps) and inverters (Delta).


Comeva’s CNC woodworking machine Master Mixta is manufactured in Spain. It is an equipment of the highest quality at the best price, aimed at medium and large production companies. Contact us to receive advice from our technical specialists in woodworking machinery and door machinery.