CNC Nicron Door Panel: machining of doors and milling of panels in the same machine for woodworking
February 15, 2019

COMEVA Woodworking machinery is a specialist in machinery for doors. To facilitate the work of professionals who trust in our brand, we have developed a solution for all those door manufacturers that also need to perform milling jobs on panels.

The CNC Nicron Door Panels of COMEVA incorporates a device that allows to mill panels with high precision and efficiency. In this way, this CNC for doors has a vertical milling motor and a horizontal double exit milling motor, and the device intended for milling boards.

It is a Woodworking machine designed, developed and manufactured in Valencia (Spain) , by the department of technical innovation R + D of COMEVA, with the aim of improving the productivity of wood professionals. We export our machines arround the world, if you want more information, contact us.