CNC Drill: Comeva Woodworking Machinery Drill range
February 15, 2024
Taladro CNC Drill Comeva

If you are looking for CNC drilling for wood, check out Comeva’s Drill range. Comeva Woodworking Machinery’s CNC Drill drills offer perfect finishes, optimised production and high performance.

Comeva’s CNC Drill automates the process of milling, drilling and grooving. It is an ideal machine for demanding workloads.

Comeva CNC Drill Drilling: models


Comeva Woodworking Machinery’s range of CNC Drills is available in different models to meet the production needs of the working line to which they are incorporated.

Comeva’s CNC Drills are equipped with clamps that hold the workpiece during machining to guarantee maximum precision, as well as a clamp that moves and positions the panel in the ideal place for machining.

The movement of all axes is carried out by Yaskawa servomotors, prismatic guides and slides with 2 panel clamps. Likewise, to guarantee the proper functioning of the equipment, the lubrication of the moving parts is carried out automatically by means of a programmable lubrication pump.

  • Drill 900l. The Drill 900l is an industrial option designed to optimise production processes with high performance. It is designed to support more workload and increase productivity. The vertical workgroup has 7 drills in the X-axis and 5 drills in the Y-axis, and the horizontal workgroup has 6 drills in the X-axis and 2 drills in the Y-axis. It also has an X-axis saw and a 5.5Kw milling motor. This CNC drill has an air worktable to facilitate the movement of the table during the work cycle.
  • Drill 650V. The Drill 650V is a CNC drill that competitively meets the machining needs of panel drilling and slotting processes. The vertical workgroup has 9 drills in the X-axis and 3 drills in the Y-axis, and the horizontal workgroup has 4 drills in the X-axis and 2 drills in the Y-axis. This CNC drill has a workpiece holder to prevent damage to the material to be machined. In addition, the machine is equipped with a workpiece support with bearings and brushes that protect the material during the entire work cycle.



Both models have an integrated control panel with Comeva Drills software. This intuitive software allows you to easily set up any job on the panels to be machined and choose the tools to be used.

Contact us to find out all the details about Comeva CNC Drills. Our specialist woodworking machinery technicians will advise you on how to increase your company’s performance and productivity.