Discover Comeva’s Nicron 5X Door Bars/Nesting CNC for Doors and Panels
September 25, 2023

Comeva’s Nicron 5X Door/Bars/Nesting is a CNC for the machining and cutting of doors and panels. This equipment covers all machining needs with the highest quality and precision execution.

Its working group, advanced functionalities, process optimisation and absolute performance cover all the needs required in the machining process. Comeva’s CNC Nicron 5X Door/Bars/Nesting machine maximises the production process by increasing the range of jobs and improving the finishing thanks to its great versatility and numerous functionalities.


The general features of Comeva’s Nicron 5X series are listed below:

  • 5-axis head. Free execution of all machining and cutting work on doors and panels.
  • Working group. Consists of a 5-axis head, a floating head for panel and door grooving, and a drilling head (optional). In addition, it includes a rotating tool magazine for quick tool change positioning.
  • Servomotor. Servomotors provide high speed tool and workpiece movements and perfect positioning accuracy in all axes.
  • Vacuum pump. Provides perfect clamping of the table top or door.
  • Reference stops. The machine includes a series of robust stops for squaring and referencing the door in the correct place before machining.
  • Vacuum table. Thanks to the slotted vacuum table, an improved vacuum distribution is obtained.
  • Vacuum bars. To allow precise machining execution, the work table consists of vacuum bars equipped with suction cups and reference stops.
  • Work on suction cups. Suction cups made of a high resistance phenolic material that allow the perfect hold of the door during the machining, also in the lateral machining works.
  • Loading and unloading system. The optimisation of the loading and unloading process is guaranteed by a system consisting of 2 aluminium bars of adjustable width with conveyor belts for transporting the workpiece.
  • Comeva Doors software. This software is an innovative tool created specifically for door machining. It is an intuitive and easy to use digital tool that eliminates the need for programming or the use of complex drawings.


Comeva’s Nicron 5X Door/Bars/Nesting machine is available in different models to meet all the production needs of the furniture and wood sector. This CNC has been designed and manufactured in Spain by Comeva’s door machinery specialists. Contact us to receive personalised advice from our team on how to increase the performance and reduce the costs of your production line.