Comeva Woodworking Machinery: the importance of programming to increase the functionality and compatibility of CNCs
November 14, 2022

Comeva Woodworking Machinery CNCs, in addition to quality and robustness, offer maximum functionality and compatibility with different devices and software. The programming code of the CNCs is essential for their ease of use, the availability of functionalities and compatibility in the digital ecosystem.

INTECO technicians, Comeva Technical Innovation, use Python for CNC programming. Here are the advantages and benefits of using this innovative programming language:

  • This programming language is multiplatform and open source: it can be installed on any machine, offering greater compatibility and, therefore, economic savings.
  • We can develop applications that are compatible with any internet browser, allowing us to visualise application information, statistics, lists, current machine information, history, etc.
  • Programming with Python speeds up the development of projects, facilitating their delivery to customers in less time.
  • It allows us to manage manufacturers’ controllers, enabling us to update almost any controller that has become outdated or obsolete.


Comeva invests in quality and innovation to continue offering the best and most advanced service to its customers. Contact us and we will inform you about how to improve the performance of your production line with the incorporation of Comeva machines and/or through the retrofit service to modernise your equipment.