Beam panel saw for wood Eurocut Comeva
October 24, 2023
Seccionadora madera Comeva Maquinaria para Madera

Beam panel saw for wood Eurocut Comeva machines are available in a wide range of models. This equipment is designed for high performance, executing a work of maximum precision to achieve perfect finishes.

The Eurocut range of beam panel saws covers all the needs of cutting panels with great efficiency, absolute reliability and agility of work.


 Beam panel saw Eurocut 100

The Eurocut 100 beam panel saw offers the user a professional solution at the best price. A robust machine with high cutting quality and perfect precision. Its precision and ease of use translate into quality of the final product and increased productivity. The Eurocut 100 beam panel saw is available in different sizes (2800- 3300- 3800) to adapt to the characteristics of the different production lines.


Beam panel saw Eurocut 130

This top of the range  beam panel saw machine is intended for large production lines. The Eurocut 130 beam panel saw is distinguished by the projection of the blade, capable of making cuts up to 130 mm in height.

This model performs all cutting modes and is the equipment of choice for companies requiring flexibility, adaptability and broad functionality in their production processes. This model is available in sizes 3300- 3800- 4200, also in its rear loading version.



Main features of the Eurocut series beam panel saws

The main technical features of the Eurocut series of wood beam panel saw machines are listed below:

  • Front tables. Air tables that facilitate the movement of the boards on their surface. All tables are equipped with front rollers as loading aids which move according to the cut to be made.
  • Clamping clamps. These beam panel saws are equipped with robust pneumatic clamps (Eurocut 100 with 8 clamps and Eurocut 130 with 10 clamps) for the safe handling of bundles of panels or individual pieces.
  • Saw cut. Automatic adjustment of the saw overhang and clamp opening depending on the board. The saw carriage enables agile, fast and precise movement. With very solid and lightweight aluminium axles, controlled by a brushless servomotor.
  • Air pump. The pump provides the necessary air pressure to feed the front tables.
  • Rear carriage. In order to achieve a high speed of movement, the rear carriage moves thanks to the rack and pinion transmission system with round bar guide and controlled by a powerful servomotor.
  • Side pusher. The double side pusher allows the perfect square alignment of the workpieces, thus ensuring cutting precision.
  • PC screen. The machine is equipped with a PC with powerful software to control all the functions and to execute the work orders in an agile, simple and safe way.
  • Plastic protection curtain. Made up of plastic sections that adjust to the different sizes of parts to prevent possible damage to them and protect the operator.
  • Solid and robust construction that guarantees maximum stability and cutting precision.


Comeva Woodworking Machinery’s beam panel saws are designed and manufactured in Spain. Contact us, our technical specialists in machinery for doors and wood will provide you with detailed information about our equipment and will advise you on how to increase the performance of your production line.