Machinery for wood

The meaning for COMEVA Co. goes for professionalism, guarantee and commitment to our customers. We have a wide manufacturing line of woodworking machinery. We keep a wide distribution network both national and international, as well as an excellent after-sales service, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Warranty & Quality

We provide national and international service to any inquiry or tech support requirement. We put at your disposal our SAT department- Tech Support Staff- formed by highly qualified technicians so we can manage solutions via telematic or attending the tech support requiered ty our clients, in situ. In addition, as manufacturers, we can provide you any spare parts for all our machines. COMEVA, guarantee of a great company.

Conventional Machinery

In COMEVA we manufacture an extensive range of conventional machinery, both for PANEL or SOLID WOOD, as well as SURFACE FINISHING. We manufacture a wide range of machinery that will provide the best solution to all your needs.

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CNC Numerical Control

Our machining control centers are highly automated machines which, in turn, allow us adapting to any kind of work required from our customers. Our CNC, due to its production speed and extremely uniform results, are the ideal tool for mass production.

CNC Comeva

Customized installation

COMEVA has qualified professionals in the woodworking sector, so we can guarantee an installation tailored to the needs of every customer. The values that make us go beyond the competition are the high skills of our human team and the fastest and efficient personalized attention to our customers. In COMEVA we work day by day to continue growing, continue maintaining the trust and achieving our customer’s success.

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About us

COMEVA started its activity as a manufacturer of contact sanders in 1964, manufacturing an extensive range of Sanders that goes from performing chairs and bars to sanding lines for varnished surfaces, throughout brush sanders and moldings. Nowadays, COMEVA manufactures the widest range of woodworking machinery, which is more than half of its production exported. Therefore please do not hesitate to contact us for any doubts or tech requirement you could have. Our high skilled staff would give you the best advice so you can achieve the best option for all your requirements.

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25 Apr 2020

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