Comeva Woodworking Machinery launches its new range of NICRON 5X CNCs
novembre 21, 2022

Comeva Woodworking Machinery presents its new and complete range of 5-axis CNC machines. The new models confirm the high quality and high performance of COMEVA machinery, offering unbeatable price-quality ratio.

These CNC machines are designed and programmed to perform any type of machining quickly and with maximum precision. These machines are designed for medium and large companies that need to optimise their production lines to achieve greater productivity and profitability.

The available models of the new CNC NICRON 5X are:

  • CNC NICRON DOOR 5X. Machine with a 5-axis head capable of performing all types of door machining in any position.
  • CNC NICRON NESTING 5X. Machine with all the possibilities of cutting and machining of board. It is equipped with a 5-axis head with a 9kW automatic tool change milling motor. It also has a complete drilling head.
  • CNC NICRON BARRAS 5X. Versatile machine able to perform any machining thanks to its 5-axis head and its complete drilling head.


All Comeva machinery is designed and assembled in Spain. Contact us and our specialists in woodworking machinery will inform you in detail about the technical characteristics of the new CNC NICRON 5X.