Comeva continues alongside the furniture and carpentry professionals

12 Apr, 2020
Maquinaria para madera Comeva

In recent weeks, at Comeva Maquinaria para Madera due to the exceptional situation in which we find ourselves due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19 and in compliance with Royal Decree 10/2020, we have been active through the minimum services established to provide service to the companies in the sector that have needed our activity.

Comeva Maquinaria para Madera informs you that from next April 14th, 2020 we begin our activity with all our operations at 100% in order to offer our services with all the guarantees of the standards that define us and to which all our clients are accustomed.

The professional team of Comeva Maquinaria para Madera will provide its services in a safe way, taking extreme precautions for the good of the sector, in order that it may continue to produce goods of value essential to the economy. Thus, we transmit our commitment to professionals in the world of wood and our hope that we will soon overcome the health crisis caused by COVID19.