Woodworking machinery: Edge bander Compacta E4TR COMEVA

03 Oct, 2018
Maquinaria para madera COMEVA

Woodworking machinery COMEVA has designed the edge bander Compacta E4TR to give an integral solution to the furniture companies that seek to improve their productivity and efficiency in their production lines, thereby reducing their costs.

The COMEVA Compacta E4TR is a high performance machine that includes all the necessary work groups to achieve a perfect finish. Aware that the success of a machine of this type begins in the simplicity of its use, this machine incorporates a touch screen from which all work groups are controlled, thus achieving a perfect symbiosis between machine and operator.

The furniture made with this edge bander Compacta E4TR is characterized by an excellent quality finish due to the working groups that it incorporates: pre-milling group, gluing, end cutting, trimming, rounding corner, scraper and buffing.

This powerful woodworking machine is one of the most requested equipment in COMEVA because it is a machine that allows to perform work with an optimal result. COMEVA designs and manufactures machinery for high quality wood complying with European safety regulations with the aim of providing greater safety for operators.

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