COMEVA cold press, machinery for pressing wooden parts or derivatives

28 Sep, 2018
Maquinaria para madera COMEVA, prensa de frío

COMEVA woodworking machinery presents its new cold press designed to effectively adhere the melamine plates to prefabricated agglomerate or similar boards. The COMEVA cold presses, with manual loading and unloading, allow to work quickly and easily by effectively gluing plates to the boards so that companies in the world of furniture and carpentry optimize the time in their production lines.

To respond to the different production needs of furniture professionals, these COMEVA cold presses are available with measures of 2500x1300mm and 3000x1300mm plates. It is a single layer hydraulic cold plates press. To achieve optimal finishes with this woodworking machine, is used ambient temperature drying glue or quick drying glue. It is a basic equipment in companies that work with wood.

The cold press and all COMEVA woodworking machinery comply with safety regulations to prevent accidents during the work. COMEVA is distinguished, in addition to the safety of its technology, by the quality and robustness at the best price in all its range of woodworking machinery. If you want more information about COMEVA cold presses, contact us here.


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