Panel saws, finest quality woodworking machinery for furniture manufacturing companies

25 Sep, 2018
Escuadradoras, maquinaria para la madera de COMEVA

COMEVA woodworking machinery is glad to introduce our complete range of panel saws. These machines represent an indispensable equipment for all woodworking professionals, from the smaller carpentry workshops to the big furniture companies.

In order to the requirements and the needs of our customers' production lines, we have designed different models of woodworking machinery, which allows us squaring and cut boards, especially when manufacturing modern furniture. Our panel saws will allow manufacturers to perform their work upon agglomerate boards, MDF as well as other wood derivatives. Depending on the chosen model, it’s possible to go from compact machinery or larger CNC.

COMEVA’s panel saws are characterized by having a wide range of machines, which allow different working measurements, engine powers, manual or automatic positioning mode as well as working with the cutting optimizer: a program that avoids from wasting parts of the panel so we can achieve the maximum use of the raw material. Therefore it’ll empower us saving and achieving the maximum level of efficiency during our performance.

COMEVA’s panel saws carry their own technology built in and provide all parameters and safety standards to guarantee the protection of the operators that perform any kind of work with them. COMEVA woodworking machinery is synonymous with the finest quality along with robustness at the best price. If you want to learn more about our panel saws, please don’t hesitate to contact us throughout this link.