Construcciones Mecánicas Valencianas
COMEVA maquinaria para madera

Woodworking machinery COMEVA holidays

30 Jul, 2019

COMEVA woodworking machinery will be closed from 5th to 25th of August. Read more

Chapadora Compacta 4 de Comeva Maquinaria para Madera

Edge bander Compact 4 of COMEVA Woodworking Machinery

12 Jul, 2019

Comeva, Spanish manufacturer of woodworking machinery, offers as complete solution for the banding work the edge bander Compacta 4. Read more

Maquinaria para madera COMEVA

The machinery for doors of COMEVA great protagonist in Ligna 2019

18 Jun, 2019

Among the exposed machines, the most interesting were the models of door milling machines G-300, C-500 and C-600. Read more

Triturador Comeva-Meccanica Mascheroni

Comeva-Meccanica Mascheroni T-600 shredder

24 May, 2019

Comeva Woodworking machinery counts among its complete catalog with the Meccanica Mascheroni T-600 shredder. Read more

CNC COMEVA Maquinaria para madera

CNC, edge banders, panel saws and COMEVA door milling machines in Ligna 2019

09 May, 2019

Comeva Woodworking machinery presents its innovations at Ligna 2019 (Hall 13 - A39 / A42 / B42), an international reference fair that will be held from May 27 to 31 in Hannover. Read more

COMEVA linea autoadaptable fresado de puertas

Self-adjusting line for door milling of COMEVA woodworking machinery

16 Apr, 2019

This machine allows automatic configuration of the complete line depending on the work to be done and the measurement of each of the doors, without the need for operator intervention. Read more

COMEVA Woodworking machinery will exhibit at Ligna Hannover 2019

11 Apr, 2019

We will have a large stand in which we will expose our latest and most advanced technology for companies in the sector of carpentry and wood. Read more

Escuadradora COMEVA maquinaria para madera

Panel saw SC-400-3200 CNC with cutting optimizer

02 Apr, 2019

This cutting optimizer minimizes waste raw material, which translates into significant savings in production costs. Read more

CNC Nicron Door Panel: machining of doors and milling of panels in the same machine for woodworking

15 Feb, 2019

The a solution for all those door manufacturers that also need to perform milling jobs on panels. Read more

Maquinaria para madera COMEVA

Come and meet our woodworking machinery at Magna Expomueblera

18 Dec, 2018

Woodworking machinery COMEVA will be present at Magna Expomueblera Industrial, the most important fair for the furniture and wood sector in Mexico. Read more

Maquinaria para madera chapadora canteadora

Edge bander Compacta 3: woodworking machinery ideal for small and medium workshops

13 Dec, 2018

This machine is the ideal and definitive solution for those who need an economical, robust, simple and efficient machine. Read more

Prensa de módulos COMEVA maquinaria para madera

Rapid assembly of modular furniture with the MODUL press from COMEVA woodworking machinery

19 Nov, 2018

Woodworking machinery COMEVA presents its MODUL assembly press for the assembly of kitchen furniture, cabinets and shelves. Read more

Chapadora para madera de COMEVA

New Junior 4 Edge Bander, quality finishes at the best price

02 Nov, 2018

This woodworking machine is a robust, straight-lined, economical and designed to give a solution to those companies that require a machine that performs high quality work at an affordable price. Read more

Maquinaria para la madera COMEVA

Woodworking machinery COMEVA: November's long weekend

31 Oct, 2018

COMEVA woodworking machinery will be closed 1st and 2nd of November. Read more

COMEVA CNC machining center: NICRON ZENIT

30 Oct, 2018

The Nicron Zenit is a very complete machine because with it we can perform many tasks such as saw, engraving on the surface, cutting letters, drilling and carving, among others. Read more

Maquinaria para madera COMEVA en Prowood

COMEVA wood machines, the most valued by professionals in the furniture sector at Prowood 2018

26 Oct, 2018

COMEVA wood machinery has been present at the Prowood 2018 fair (Belgium) in the hands of DANMAR, our distributor in the Benelux area. Read more

Maquinaria para madera COMEVA

Woodworking machinery: Edge bander Compacta E4TR COMEVA

03 Oct, 2018

Woodworking machinery COMEVA has designed the edge bander Compacta E4TR to give an integral solution to the furniture companies that seek to improve their productivity and efficiency in their production lines, thereby reducing their costs. Read more

COMEVA opening hours October's long weekend

01 Oct, 2018

COMEVA will be open on 9th October and closed from 11th to 14th October, both insluive. Read more

Maquinaria para madera COMEVA, prensa de frío

COMEVA cold press, machinery for pressing wooden parts or derivatives

28 Sep, 2018

COMEVA woodworking machinery presents its new cold press designed to effectively adhere the melamine plates to prefabricated agglomerate or similar boards. Read more

Panel saws, finest quality woodworking machinery for furniture manufacturing companies

25 Sep, 2018

COMEVA woodworking machinery is glad to introduce our complete range of panel saws. Read more

Woodworking machinery exhibition of COMEVA in BIFE-SIM Bucarest

11 Sep, 2018

The COMEVA woodworking machinery will be present at the Bucharest BIFE-SIM fair, which will be held from September 12 to 16. Read more

Maquinaria para la madera de COMEVA en IWF Atlanta

Woodworking machinery COMEVA for furniture professionals in IWF Atlanta

07 Sep, 2018

The woodworking machinery most requested were the edge bander compacta series and the CNC Nicron working centers. Read more

Comeva Maquinaria para la Madera en IWF Atlanta 2018

COMEVA: introducing our latest releases on woodworking machinery at IWF Atlanta

13 Aug, 2018

COMEVA, specialized in woodworking machinery, will attend one more year the IWF Atlanta, which is held from 22 to 25 August. Read more

Summer holidays 2018.

18 Jul, 2018

COMEVA will be closed for summer holidays from the 13th to the 26th of August, both inclusive. Read more

IWF 2018

11 Jun, 2018

COMEVA will be attending one more year the IWF Atlanta. We will be at booth 5713. Read more


10 May, 2018

XYLEXPO 2018 | COMEVA thanks all our customers, media and commercial network for their participation and collaboration all along Xylexpo 2018. Read more